Novice CFJ

Novice FJ Sailing


Class Capacity: 20

Morning Class (9:00 – 12:00)


The JV FJ Program is intended as a learn to race course for kids who have limited to no experience in the FJ dinghy or dingy racing in general. Sailing and racing skills are practiced through games on and off of the water, and participants who start in the JV FJ group can graduate to the SBYSF Race Team by mastering certain skill requirements outlined in our Race Team Skill Evaluation Sheet. This class is a good way for new sailors to have fun on the water, and for kids who would like to work towards being prepared for FJ racing with a high school team. This class often participates in regattas. Please see the SBYSF Calendar for specific dates.  Classes are held in two-person 14’ Flying Junior (FJ) dinghies. Sailors will learn beginning to intermediate sailing and seamanship skills that prepare them to participate in FJ racing.  The Novice classes have a structured schedule and curriculum from day one.  You can review it here.  For the first day, sailors will meet on the back porch of the yacht club to be introduced to the summer staff and the other sailors.  After that they will meet to start class down on the dock.  Please be sure to use the sign in sheet when you drop off and pick up your sailor.

Novice Sailors must pass a swim test before participating.  The swim test consists of swimming out around a buoy and putting on your lifejacket in the water.  Please let SBYSF staff know if you have any questions about it.

2016 Summer Session Dates

Session #1 (June 13-June 24)
Session #2 (June 27- July 8)
Session #3 (July 11- July 22)
Session #4 (July 25- August 5)
Session #5 (August 8 – August 19)



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