Summer FAQ

General SBYSF Summer Q&A


What is the schedule on the first day and throughout the week, what can we expect?

The Novice classes have a structured schedule and curriculum.  For the first day, sailors will meet on the back porch of the yacht club to be introduced to the summer staff and the other sailors.  After that they will meet to start class down on the dock.  Please be sure to use the sign in sheet when you drop off and pick up your sailor.

How do we drop our sailors off?

The best parking is in the Brophy turnaround, or the Harbor lot.  On the first day we will meet on the back porch of the yacht club..  All following days we will meet down on the dock.  We have a sign in sheet with the class every day.  Please be sure to use it as we use it to monitor attendance and keep track of the sailors.

How do we pick our sailors up?

The coaches will walk the sailors to the SBYC gate to allow parents to drive through the turn around and pick up. We do ask that parents arrive on time (12:00) as it is our coaches’ lunch time.  You can pick up from the dock if you are earlier.  The sign out sheet will be on the dock, until the class walks up to the SBYC lot at which point the coaches will have the sign out sheet on a clipboard.

How Can we Watch Our Sailors?

Depending on where the class sails each day, there are multiple vantage points that will allow you to get a good view of your sailors class.  You can walk down the breakwall to Sandspit for the best view.  West Beach and Stearns Wharf may also provide a good view.  Ask the instructors where they plan to sail for the day, so you can watch from the best spot.

What does our sailor need to bring in order to be well prepared for the day?

The daily checklist should include a life jacket (West Marine is the best place to purchase one), hat, sunscreen, closed toed/waterproof shoes, towel, swimsuits, boardhsorts, rashgurads, polyester water clothes, change of clothes (optional), snack (optional), reusable water canteen.( We have water on the dock)  All of this in a bag is the most convenient.

How will our sailor progress through the week?  
Our curriculum builds on each day, which is why we recommend that students register for the first week only if they can only sail one week. The second week builds on the first week’s skills.